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Quality ophthalmologic services

Quality ophthalmologic services

Clinica Sancho has managed to position as a clinic specialized in ophthalmological health within the country and Latin America because it has the endorsement of all the centers that regulate the health in Ecuador such as the Agency for the Quality Assurance of Health Services and Prepaid Medicine (ACESS), is part of the Comprehensive Public Health Network (RPIS) and the Private Complementary Network, as well as, it is one of the few ophthalmological centers that have the accreditation of the National Institute of Donation and Transplantation of Organs and Fabrics of Ecuador (INDOT).

Quality ophthalmologic servicesThis has allowed that the ophthalmology center receive recognition from the Quito Chamber of Commerce, as a merit of its entrepreneurial spirit and social focus, and international recognitions such as the International Organization for Training and Medical Research (IOCIM), and in the year 2021, the last recognition received bythe Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) in the month of July, as “Ecuadorian Company of the Year 2021” within the health sector, with special mention to Dr. Byron Sancho. This award is considered an important milestone in the trajectory of the clinic, because the Latin American Quality Institute is an innovative non-profit organization that fuses data based in knowledge, development opportunities, selected learning and networks for the benefit of organizations and individuals from all over Latin America, serving the communities on issues of Total Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, Compliance, risk and corporate governance with business intelligence and current and dynamic meeting places.

For this reason, in response to these issues, Clínica Sancho establishes and is constantly committed to improving its awareness strategies about the care and sustainability of the environment within its staff, and its programs of responsibility and social focus, inviting to the different companies private and public to commit to this new initiative to strengthen the growth of society. All this in order to improve its legal-responsible operation and consolidate its image and ethical and transparent business culture in the eyes of its target audience, partners, competitors and external regulatory entities.

Nevertheless, currently, thanks to the trust and the good results obtained, the clinic is in a process of expansion, where it has been able to consolidate its services in three points of care in the city of Quito, with modern facilities and surgical equipment ophthalmology and diagnosis of the different complications that can occur in the eyes.

Now, when talking about the topic of Total Quality, Clinica Sancho is in a constant process of development and implementation of management strategies that allow satisfying in a balanced way the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders, such as collaborators, providers and patients in general.

So, some of the actions that have made it possible to improve the current conditions of the company are:

  • Realization of organizational climate surveys with the clinic collaborators to obtain a constant feedback with each of the team members and a diagnosis of the need for training or another similar tool.
  • Execution of satisfaction surveys with patients to know their opinions and have a clear vision of their position and preferences.
  • Periodic training for team members on general skills such as communication, leadership and group work, in addition to specialized and exclusive clinical topics such as medical auditing, which is a module that is currently studying a large part of human talent.
  • Regarding the subject of patient safety, care protocols adjusted to the requirements caused by the COVID19 pandemic have been implemented, as well as patient identification, safe surgery sheet, quality manual, among other aspects.
  • The implementation of an integrated computer system that has allowed the information of both medical records, accounting aspects, inventories and other areas of the clinic to be digitized, thus optimizing times and supply requirements, and making more efficient the management at any of the service points, with first-hand information in real time.
  • Finally, there is the establishment of a continuous improvement process and a reciprocity scheme to determine that both managers and the rest of the staff comply with the established commitments.

In the same way, to achieve the greatest amount of satisfaction with external clients, the clinic manages a series of guidelines, in which the following stand out:

  • Offer the client an ophthalmological service of good quality and mainly human warmth.
  • Comply with the promotions and features offered in the different advertising media for the product.
  • Provide a good customer service, with friendly and personalized service, pleasant environments, comforts, and quick service.
  • Solve customer complaints quickly and efficiently, in addition to having a problem-solving policy determining the root of the problem.

Nevertheless, it has various actions that allow measuring the degree of patient satisfaction and a real feedback from them, such as:

  • Implementation of a complaints or suggestions box in the clinic facilities.
  • Activation of a recommendation section on your social networks.
  • Realization of small surveys periodically to measure the level of satisfaction they have had on various aspects of the service, such as, for example, quality, care, hygiene of the premises, etc.

However, with regard to the issue of providers, the clinic works on a set of standards that seek their satisfaction and future conversions into reference customers, such as:

  • Pay on time and under reasonable cancellation conditions, thus focusing on reducing payment times.
  • Generate supplier dashboards, listen to their recommendations and implement joint corrective action plans.
  • Create and execute supplier development plans regularly that allow the reduction of production costs and their loyalty.
  • Implement financial rotation indicators that allow a good follow-up on the sales made and the liabilities that it maintains. In the same way, through the capital turnover indicator, it is possible to measure the efficiency between the funds used to finance operations and the income it generates to continue its activities and obtain profits.
  • Develop financial and medical audits that ensure that procedures are followed through protocols and that the quality of services is maintained or improved.

These actions have allowed to consolidate the clinic as a leading company in the ophthalmological sector in Ecuador, with ambitious future projections.