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Facoemulsificación para cataratas
WHITESTAR Signature®, Stellaris® PC and INFINITI ™ Vision Phacoemulsifiers.

Currently we have a wide range to treat cataract problems with phacoemulsification, first of all we have Abbott’s WHITESTAR Signature® System, this is a modular ophthalmic microsurgical system that facilitates anterior segment operations such as ocular cataract. This phaco represents an evolution in terms of the ease of removal of the lens or crystalline lens in cataract or presbyopia surgeries. The equipment integrates unique technologies, which create the versatility necessary to remove soft or hard cataracts with safety parameters that provide the patient with greater peace of mind and much faster recovery rates.

Faco WHITESTAR Signature®                           Facoemulsificador Stellaris® PC


Its advanced technology allows to aspirate the lens in less time, which reduces the time of ocular manipulation, improves the stability of the anterior chamber, thus increasing the efficiency of the results in surgery. This modern phacoemulsifier, in addition to an ergonomic design that provides greater comfort during surgery to the patient. It also provides a more simplified and easy-to-use interface which allows interventions to be carried out in less time and with better results.

Phacoemulsification and vitrectomy equipment

We also have the Stellaris® PC phacoemulsifying vitrectome from Bausch + Lomb, a German equipment with advanced technology to perform anterior segment and posterior segment surgeries. Its ultralight and versatile design is also highly intuitive, allowing cataract and vitrectomy surgeries to be up to 30% faster. Its developed aspiration system allows stability and control of the rear chamber. On the other hand, one of the advantages of this equipment is that as it is a less invasive system, it allows the patient to have a faster visual recovery.

We cannot ignore the fact that we have worked for some years with the INFINITI ™ Vision System phaco for cataract and presbyopia surgeries. All these equipment make the ophthalmology clinic one of the pioneers in visual technology with modern equipment in the country and Latin America, which allows customizing the surgical procedure in cataract, presbyopia or vitrectomy conditions depending on the characteristics and pathologies of the patient.

How does the phacoemulsifier work?

The use of the phacoemulsification technique through ultrasound is used in cases of cataract (also in certain cases of correction of presbyopia) to crush the lens into tiny pieces, which are aspirated with a small incision and subsequent placement of the IOL intraocular lens. .

Figure: Removal of the lens (cataract) and insertion of the introcular lens

This procedure, like the Excimer Laser and the Corneal Cross Linking, is performed on an outpatient basis, that is, the patient does not require hospitalization, in the treatment local anesthesia is applied (application of eye drops) and the surgery has a duration of approximately 45 minutes, in this case the operated eye is occluded for 24 hours to avoid post-surgical discomfort and manipulation of the operated eye.

If cataract and / or presbyopia occur in both eyes, it is best to intervene on one eye and after that, wait a couple of weeks to intervene on the other eye. In this type of surgery, the price varies according to the choice of intraocular lens that the patient chooses. The price is lower if you are looking for a monofocal visual accommodation (only a near or far distance), while the price is higher when you choose multifocal visual accommodation lenses that practically eliminate the dependence on lenses in older adults.