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Ecobiometría por inmersión

The ocular ultrasound is a diagnosis method through the ocular globe study and ocular annexes.

Figure: Ocular ultrasound equipment.

With this equipment, it can be made:

  • Biometry (measurement of eye axial length, other length and transversal diameters)
  • Corneal pachymetry (it measures the cornea thickness in different meridians, center and peripheria)
  • Diagnosis of tissue diseases, trauma, strange bodies posterior segment and orbit
  • Intraocular and orbit tumors, orbit vessels problems, vessels anomalies.
  • Biometry: phakic, aphakic and seudo-aphakic eye
  • Program for intraocular lens measurement.
  • Anterior eye segment and peripheral retina analysis.

This test is mandatory previous to a cataract surgery and ophthalmologist doctors in our Ophthalmological Clinic make it in around 20 or 30 minutes. It is required to have an appointment and for doing so, you can communicate directly to our Clinic phone numbers.