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Hipermetropía y Presbicia Cirugía

The hypermetropy or hyperopia is a condition characterized to present difficulties to close vision even though the patient has an excellent far vision. This deficiency is generally caused by one that is shorter which made that the light get focus behind the retina.

Figure: Hypermetropy eye

Figure: Hypermetropy sight

These visual deficiencies may be corrected by our technology of Excimer Laser Allegretto Wavelight Eye-Q that provide an accurate parameters and security in visual recovery that reduces and even eliminates the increasing eyeglasses and contact lenses dependency.

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The presbicia or presbyopia is a gradual loss of the crystalline and its surrounding muscular fibers flexibility that difficult to focus closed objects. In this case, the close imagines are made behind the retina for that reason sometimes it is needed to put away the texts or objects for look at them in a better way, and it is the main reason why people need reading glasses. This deficiency occurs in most people from 45 years old and it is present on almost 100% of individuals older than 50 years old.

Figure: Eye with Presbicia

Figure: Vision with Presbicia

The presbicia may be generally corrected by the use of reading glasses. If the presbicia is accompanied with other refractive problem, the patient can wear bifocal or multifocal lenses depending on the visual problem. In these cases can be also applied a corrective surgery with Excimer Laser, or there is the possibility to have a phacoemulsification surgery in a procedure similar to the cataract extraction where it is placed an intraocular lens and reduce or eliminate the eyeglasses dependency.