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Miopía y Astigmatismo Cirugía

Myopia and Astigmatism are consider refractive errors that are a type of vision problems.

Figure: Ocular Structure                                Figure: Normal Vision

ojo normal

The people with myopia can easily see from close, which means read newspaper articles, books, magazines, etc., but there are difficulties to see objects on distance. The myopia is generally caused by one eye that is very large that make the light focus on the front side of retina.

Figure: Representation of a myopic eye          Figure: Myopia Vision

myopia eye

The astigmatism or short-sighting is a refractive defect that the cornea curvature varies. The normal cornea is spherical meanwhile with the astigmatism, the cornea is oval similar as the football ball which produces sight distortion and become blurred.

Figure: Astigmatism Eye                         Figure: Astigmatic Vision

Myopia and Astigmatism eye

Myopia and astigmatism can occur individually or together in the same patient in both eyes. This condition is often presented on the patients so that’s the reason why it is prescribed wear eyeglasses, contact lenses or get a corrective surgery with Excimer Laser. The best option depends on the patient age and the cornea characteristics. Generally, the visual deficiencies are measured in diopter, a frequent variation of measurement or the constant change on lenses can be related with cornea problems that may be required with special treatment.

These visual deficiencies may be corrected by our technology of Excimer Laser Technolas Teneo 317 that provides an accurate parameters and security in visual recovery that reduces and even eliminates the increasing eyeglasses and contact lenses dependency.

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