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The orthokeratology is a sub specialty of contactology where the contact lenses are adapted with a permeable gas in order to temporary reduce the visual defects such as myopia and astigmatism. Nowadays, the most common technique is the nocturnal usage with permeable lenses to the inverse geometry gas.

There are many kind of orthokeratology procedures based on the application type: the day orthokeratology is the utilization of lenses during a part or the whole day; the night orthokeratology use the contact lenses of inverse geometry (molds) during the night while the patient sleeps, this last one is the most use and recommended by professionals.

Figure: Orthokeratology Treatment

The contact lenses employed on the orthokeratology produce a myopia temporary reduction at changing the cornea shape. The cornea is elastic by nature. The lens rest on a fine tear layer and molds the cornea. The permeable contact lenses at normal gas are designed to be as much parallel to the cornea profile for not causing an effect in its molding or orthokeratology.

In Laser Center Vision 20/20, we use this procedure as post-operatory method to keep the cornea normal curvature and avoid posterior ophthalmological surgery deformations and deficiencies.