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Ocular Plastic Surgery

The eye contour is the most fragile and delicate zone on the face. It requires a special attention because the age, fatigue and stress can leave different signs such as dark circles, crow´s feet, eye bags and eyelid swelling.

Eyelid Surgery

This procedure removes the skin excess and manages the fat bags on the superior and inferior eyelid with the purpose of improving the tired eyes appearance and making the patient looks younger and fresher. This procedure can be done with other facial rejuvenation practices (ritidoplasty, resurfacing, Eyebrow lift, etc.)

Figure: Fat Bags Surgery

Figure: Facial Rejuvenation Surgery


Is your eye not working properly? Do you need an eye replacement? Do you need a prosthesis and Ocular Plastic Surgery?

If you lost your eye due to an illness or an accident and this was removed, you may need a “complete” personalized ergonomic ocular prosthesis.

Figure: Ocular Prosthesis

If your eye is damaged and it lost the proper function and normal appearance, you may need a “sclerocorneal shell” personalized ergonomic ocular prosthesis. Without removing the eye, the replacement covers the entire eye providing the normal size and appearance. It does not produce pain or ache and this usage is similar to wearing contact lenses.

Our Specialist, Dr. Ruben Landazuri MD is the ophthalmologist specialized on Oculoplastics.