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Phacoemulsification Infiniti

We have INFINITI™ Vision System, one of the most modern devices in the country for phacoemulsification surgery which permits personalize the surgical procedures for cataract problems, depending on the patient’s pathology and characteristics.

The phacoemulsification technique through ultrasound is used in cataract cases (sometimes is also used for long-sightedness correction) for shred the crystalline in tiny pieces that later are vacuumed with a small incision and then locate an intraocular lens LIO.

Figure: Crystalline Extraction (cataract) and Intraocular Lens IOL insertion.

This procedure same as the Excimer Laser and Corneal Cross Linking is made in an outpatient procedure, that means the patient no requires hospitalization, it is local anesthesia (application of eye drops) and the surgery lasts approximately 45 minutes, in this case the operated eye occlusion for some days for avoiding infections.

If cataract and/or long-sightness are presented in both eyes is recommendable to operate one eye and after couple weeks operate another eye.

In this kind of surgery the price varies according the intraocular lens choice that the patient selects. The price is less if it is looking for monofocal visual accommodation lenses (only one distance type near or far), meanwhile the most expensive price is when selected multifocal visual accommodation lenses that eliminates the eyeglasses dependency on senior adulthood.