Ophthalmologic checks in rural areas

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Ophthalmologic checks in rural areas

Ophthalmologic checks in rural areas

Clínica Sancho has been working more than 30 years focusing its efforts on social areas. That is why it has been cooperating with several institutions to provide visual health brigades in rural areas and vulnerable neighborhoods of Quito and Ecuador.

Between 2017 and 2018 more than 800 patients between children and adults from rural areas of Pichincha and Chimborazo benefited from tis ophthalmological services. In addition to the ophthalmological service we also coordinated pediatrics and ENT services. The medical checks covered also people from other countries that are in vulnerable situation in Ecuador, such as Venezuelan, Colombian and Cuban patients.

Clínica Sancho, has been recognized as an ophthalmological center focused always on providing services to needy people. Thanks to Dr. Byron Sancho and his wife  Mrs. Maritza Pontón de Sancho have been working constantly to give medical services to poor populations. That is why, actually we are working on having more agreements with local and international institutions which can provide funding and volunteers to help more people.

If you are interested on making a visual health brigade on your community or institution write us to info@clinicasancho.com.

Clínica Sancho, excellence on ophthalmology.

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